Think back to your last vacation.  Perhaps you went to the coast or the mountains or to visit a foreign capital.  The trip was pleasant, even exciting. But while you returned home relaxed, you didn’t feel changed by the experienceyou came back the same person you were before you left.


Now imagine traveling with a purpose—a personal one and a global one—and returning home reinvigorated, refreshed, and fulfilled.  Imagine having seen and experienced things you never thought possible, stretched yourself and left a positive impact on the people and places you visited.


By making informed, positive travel choices, you can have the travel experiences you imagine and make a world of difference to the environment, economies, and cultures of the earth.

Welcome to the Travel Choice Pages of The International Ecotourism Society (TIES), our way to help you discover a more me aningful way of traveling. More than just "Green Travel," ecotravel is mindful travel—environmentally sensitive, culturally aware, and personally fulfilling.  We like to call it travel with purpose—a personal purpose and a global one.

Let TIES be your guide and discover how your travel choices can help conserve and preserve the environment and local cultures and help develop sustainable economies. Investigate the alternatives and learn more about the impact of tourism.  Discover the world of ecotourism and how to choose responsible ecodestinations, tours and accommodations. Travel with TIES members and explore the world of ecotourism.


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The International Ecotourism Society is an international nonprofit organization with 1,600 members in 110 countries, whose mission is to make ecotourism a viable tool for local conservation and sustainable development.

For the past ten years, the Society’s members around the globe have been creating destinations, lodges and tours that can challenge and fulfill your passions and purpose. Choosing to travel with the Society’s member tour operators and ecolodges is an informed choice that can make a world of difference both to you and to the planet.


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